The Internet is Changing

Keep Your Eyes Open: The Internet is Changing

Check out how internet has been changing and why you should pay attention. Listen.

Even if this article changes one person, I will be happy. Because the internet is changing and I’m terrified. A year ago my friend was so sure Trump is not going to win, he bet his eyebrows to my $100. Let’s just say his eyebrows have grown back but as this 250-pound man’s dignity was badly hurt.

I know what you may be thinking but this is not my fight. I don’t want him impeached. For all I care, it’s a good show.

fake news on Facebook

But the internet, specifically fake news, specifically fake news on Facebook  have helped elect this man. And if you have been attentive, surges of fake news have been seen all across the place. Again, I’m not about politics. I’m simply stating facts.


And the fact is, that all that these fake news have done is increase the divide, rally hate and misguide people. That’s not how democracy works. If you don’t agree that democracy is something we should be aiming at, then I urge you to stop reading right here. If you consider democracy as the best of what we have at this point, then there is no other way but to hold those to blame accountable.

Internet Is Changing

As Facebook has now surpassed 2 billion users, it cannot be allowed to be the platform for fake news. In many developing countries, Facebook is free with your mobile plan, meaning that to many it is the only source of news out there.

By now, there were 3 attempts by the U.S. government to give internet to the corporations. Luckily, news and shows like John Oliver’s have been extremely vocal towards Net Neutrality . But if you ask me, it’s only a matter of time until they sneak some bill or act that will include these changes.

internet to the corporations

On the other hand, there is an unprecedented collection of people’s personal data happening on Google, Facebook, etc. No big deal? Perhaps. But are you telling me that if I found out your deepest fears and desires, I wouldn’t be able to persuade you to buy things you don’t actually need?


I’m not advocating one way or another. Governments across the world are already concerned and keep proposing different ways of regulation.

I could easily support either one of the sides, but both are too greedy for me to trust them. Both are fighting for power over ordinary people. And it’s us who gets to pay the price. Think about slots, sportsbetting, etc. You can go to a casino and play no questions asked, but online it’s prohibited. Or the fact that ISPs in U.S. will now be able to sell people’s personal data . Yes, tell me all how it’s not about corrupt politicians fighting for the interests of the corporations.


All I ask is for you to be more aware of what you do and share on the internet. I’m terrified because it seems that we are losing the internet as it was supposed to be used. And I’m not sure which side am I on. As I said in the beginning, even if you are the only person who from now on will be more careful, I’m happy.