The contemporary life of our civilization has been severely transformed by the profuse and intense presence of information and communication technology or, what is the same, by digital technology. With the emergence of the Internet, for about 10 years has begun to talk about a rather interesting concept: “digital inclusion” or “digital access.”

And it has begun to speak and to use the concept since not many people have benefited from this enormous transformation that has impacted humanity in a way that was previously unthought and unthinkable. Therefore, it has become necessary (if not “urgent”) to seek new strategies to integrate these excluded people into the spaces of information and technology.


Now, in view of everything we have been up to here, in countless political, academic, scientific, artistic and other scenarios, all of them with global coverage, has been tending because internet access is a right, rather than a mere privilege.

Thus, for example, the United Nations, the European Union, the OEA, UNESCO, FAO and an almost uncountable number of organizations already speak of “technological inclusion” as a right, while condemning the fact that, in some regions and/or countries of the world, remains a privilege of few.

However, we must not lose sight of the fact that technology also implies some risks, such as the possible social fracture that may arise between those included and those excluded, which is why it is essential to assert the right to digital access.

The right to Digital Inclusion, its meaning, and impact

The specific goals and purposes of “Digital Inclusion” are to make the technology physically accessible to as many people as possible, bearing in mind that, if necessary, significant resources should be invested to that effect. In addition, there is the purpose, also, to make the technology as easy to use as possible.

In the same way, it has begun to speak on different and different fronts at the global level, on the “Right to reduce the Digital Divide” since a technological revolution, that is focused towards the information technologies, is drastically modifying the base material of the global society, at a dizzying pace.

Moreover, economies around the world have become interdependent or, if preferred, multi-dependent (from and to all directions), generating a new form of relationship between the State, the economy, and society. For this and many other reasons additional to those raised during this publication, “Digital Access” is already a right and not a mere privilege.


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What You Need to Know About Digital Innovations


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