Internet … you use it every day for study, work or entertainment. In a fairly short period of time, the network has become a necessity, and now it is difficult to imagine life without it. But how much do you know about the Internet? Do you know that we should thank the USSR for this wonderful invention?

Here are 10 things you should know about the Internet.

1. The satellite. That’s where it all began.

In 1957, the USSR launched the first artificial satellite into Earth’s orbit. This was a huge surprise for the United States, which greatly feared its technological lag behind the enemy during the Cold War.

The first reaction of President Dwight D. Eisenhower was the creation in 1958 of the “Advanced Research Projects Agency” (ARPA). One of his research programs, headed by Dr. L.C. Licklider, was connected with the prototype of the Internet.

Who said that war does not lead to anything good? The Internet, perhaps, is one of the most necessary technologies that came out of the Cold War.

2. Before the Internet was ARPANET


The logical map of the first 4 nodes of ARPANET in December 1969, was drawn by Larry Roberts. (The image is stored in the “Computer History Museum”)

In 1969, after Liklajdera, who left ARPA, his successors Ivan Sutherland, Bob Taylor, Larry Roberts and his colleagues created a network that later became the Internet. Initially, ARPANET consisted of four nodes (or computers called Interface Message Processors, which later evolved into routers) located in Los Angeles, the Stanford Research Institute, the University of California at Santa Barbara and the University of Utah.

The first entries in the journal ARPANET: an appeal to Charles S. Kline (Charles S. Kline), the very first person to connect to a remote host via ARPANET (The image is stored in the “Computer History Museum”)

“We phoned our colleagues from the research institute,” recalls Leonard Kleinrock. “We introduced L and asked by phone:” Do you see L? “” Yes, we see L “- came the answer.We introduced O and asked:” Do you see O? “” Yes, we see O. ” Then we entered G and everything went wrong! We immediately rebooted and ARPANET earned. “

Since then, it took several more years for ARPANET to become popular.

3. Packet switching. How the Internet works.

packet switching

We will not go too far into the technical component, but we need to know how the data moves through the Internet. Let the data go from point A to point B (for example, text and images from a web page from the server to your browser).

One way to implement the transfer is to open the channel from point A to point B: the data is transferred by a chain, bit by bit, until it is finally transmitted. This is a very fast way of transmitting information, but it entails great expenses: the special channel must remain open until the last bit of data is sent. This method is called circuit switching, and this is the system that is used in telephone companies.

In the early 1960s, Paul Baran, Donald Davies and Leonard Kleinrock, working independently, came up with another way to transfer data. Large pieces of data are divided into several small packets and sent over the network. Each package itself chooses a route to reach its goal. If all the packets have arrived, they are reassembled into the original data.

Data in this way is transmitted more slowly (packet loss is possible, so they must be sent again), but it has a significant advantage. The package path to the destination is not fixed, the package itself chooses the path to the destination, in order to avoid damage.

4. TCP / IP is the Internet language


In 1973, Vint Cerf (often called the “father of the Internet”) and Bob Kahn created the TCP / IP set of communication protocols, the main language used by computers to communicate with each other on the network.

TCP / IP is so simple that D. Waitzman suggested (not without humor) the protocol “IP over Avian Carriers” (IPoAC). IPoAC was described in RFC 1149 (RFC, or Request for Comments, is a document describing some of the internal mechanisms of the Internet) by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). This RFC was written by D. Waitzman and published on April 1, 1990. The basic idea of ​​this “protocol” is to tie some data carrier (such as a memory card) to the pigeon’s foot and send it to its destination.

IPoAC was first “implemented” (that is, they actually did it) by the Linux User Group of Bergen (Bergen Linux user group). They sent 9 pigeons, each carried 1 ping to their destination, about 5 km away, but they received only 4 answers. Pretty bad result.

Then, in 2004, a group of Israeli enthusiasts sent 3 mail pigeons, able to find their way home at great distances from their destination. (~ 100 km from the start). Each dove carried 20-22 tiny memory cards. The total amount of data was 4 GB, and coped with this pigeons in less than 4 hours.

5. Al Gore really created the Internet. Well … or something about that.

al gore

“Remember America, I gave you the Internet, and I can take it,” joked Al Gore at the “Late Show” show with David Letterman.

So did Gore create the Internet?

“While serving in the State Congress, I took the lead in creating the Internet. I took the initiative in promoting a number of initiatives that were important for our country’s economic growth and environmental protection, improvements in our education system … “

Although the term “Internet initiative” is vague, Gore, however, has done a lot of legislative work to create a powerful national data network, which is a significant part of the Internet.

6. Spam father: Gary Thuerk

gary thuerk spam

Spam is an old marketing method. The very first spam contained a dental advertisement of its services, sent by telegrams in 1864. Then, as now, people who received telegrams even wrote to local newspapers complaining about advertising.

The first spam in the network was sent by Digital Equipment Marketing Manager Gary Thuerk in 1978 to 393 ARPANET users. He advertised a new model of computers.

Someone from Rand Corporation sent him a letter, saying that he violated the ARPANET rules. (There was an unwritten law that people would not use ARPANET for sale, Gary Souerk was justified in that, he only promoted the product.) After that, the chief of Souyork was contacted from the Communications Agency and made a promise from him that Gary will never again be spammed.

Souyerk took a place in history as the father of spam, for which he got into the Guinness Book of Records. But now he is engaged in anti-spam protection companies. The reaction of people to him is ambiguous: some are happy to meet a man with unusual fame, some want to beat him, and others just avoid like the plague.

7. Sexy Web: 12% of websites = porn!

We can not talk about the Web, let alone pornography. Below are some statistics:

Number of pornographic sites: 4.2 million (12% of the total number of websites)

Number of pornographic pages: 420 million.

The number of pornographic search requests per day: 68 million (25% of the total number of searches by search engines)

Daily pornographic e-mail distribution: 2500 million letters (8% of the total number of letters)

Internet users who watch porn: 42,7%

Visitors to pornographic websites: 72 million (per month)

Money turnover of the Internet porn industry per year: $ 4.9 billion

At the moment about 28.5 thousand Internet users are watching pornography.

According to the statistics of GOOD Magazine:

35% of all Internet downloads have a pornographic nature.

Every day on the Internet there are 266 new porn sites.

“Sex” is the most common word on the Internet.

70% of the porn traffic runs in a 9-hour working day.

The United States produces 89% of all online porn.

8. The rise of the blogosphere.


Blogs (short for “weblog”) are some of the most updated resources on the Internet. According to Technorati  there are about 112,800,000 blogs, and 175,000 new blogs are added every day. And this is about 122 blogs per minute!

The term “blog” was coined by John Barger on December 17, 1997. So he named his resource, which is a collection of interesting links that John found while surfing the Internet. Ego site and became the world’s first blog.

Yes, technically there are blogs that preceded, but they never called themselves a “blog”. Nowadays websites, such as or also started off as blogs. And look where they are now.

Blogging became very popular in 1999 with the advent of resources that allowed you to create your blog with a few mouse clicks (such as:, LiveJournal and Today blogs are everywhere.

So what happened to John Barger, the first blogger in the world? Paul Boutin of Wired Magazine writes:

Homeless and broken at the age of 53 Barger could not even pay his domain He had to leave his apartment in Chicago. At the moment he is in search of work.

A few weeks later I discovered that John paid the domain and brought back to life his blog. I contacted him and it turned out that he moved to Memphis, but he does not work, living on less than $ 1 a day. A little later he sent me a letter in which he wrote: He invented the term “blog”, but did not earn a penny.

9. Surprise! There were three YouTube creators.

Before the advent of YouTube was … a dating site and it was called “Tune In Hook Up”. To some extent this was the first version of YouTube, which completely failed.

The YouTube we all know and love has started with Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim. They wanted to post videos on their site from their party just because the clips were too big to be sent by e-mail. Place the video on the Internet was also difficult – you had to decide on the video format.

This trio created YouTube in 2005, and did not have time to pass the year, as the number of placements of video by users per day reached 70 thousand. YouTube has become the fastest growing project in the history of the Internet. Found that in 2007, YouTube required the width of the channel more than the entire Internet in 2000!

Harley and Cheney sold Google’s resource for an unthinkable $ 1.65 billion. And what happened to Javed? He left the team to pursue higher education before the deal with Google. However, he did not stay empty-handed. From the sale of YouTube, Javed Karim received $ 64 million.

The first video was uploaded to YouTube on April 23 at 20.27. It is filmed by himself, Javed, walking around the San Diego Zoo.

10. The rise of social networkssocial media

The Web is a huge social network. Even before its emergence, there were networks that allowed people to communicate and cooperate. The term “social network” appeared after it was calculated that in 2005 the number of page views of MySpace exceeded the number of Google views.

Prior to MySpace, there existed, that’s where the creators of stashed the name), launched in 1995, and (launched in 1997, closed in 2001). At the moment, the most successful resources are Friendster, MySpace, Orkut, LinkedIn and Facebook. And how successful are they? MySpace was sold to Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation for $ 580 million, and Facebook is estimated at billions of dollars.

There is a social network of any orientation: for fans of movies, online games, anime, books, etc. An interesting subnetwork of social networks are news resources such as: Digg, reddit and Mixx.

They allow you to create content for the users themselves. Visitors post interesting material in their opinion and vote for other people’s news. As a result, the content is placed on the rating system: the most popular and liked posts are at the beginning of the news feed.

The Internet is Changing

Check out how internet has been changing and why you should pay attention. Listen.

Even if this article changes one person, I will be happy. Because the internet is changing and I’m terrified. A year ago my friend was so sure Trump is not going to win, he bet his eyebrows to my $100. Let’s just say his eyebrows have grown back but as this 250-pound man’s dignity was badly hurt.

I know what you may be thinking but this is not my fight. I don’t want him impeached. For all I care, it’s a good show.

fake news on Facebook

But the internet, specifically fake news, specifically fake news on Facebook  have helped elect this man. And if you have been attentive, surges of fake news have been seen all across the place. Again, I’m not about politics. I’m simply stating facts.


And the fact is, that all that these fake news have done is increase the divide, rally hate and misguide people. That’s not how democracy works. If you don’t agree that democracy is something we should be aiming at, then I urge you to stop reading right here. If you consider democracy as the best of what we have at this point, then there is no other way but to hold those to blame accountable.

Internet Is Changing

As Facebook has now surpassed 2 billion users, it cannot be allowed to be the platform for fake news. In many developing countries, Facebook is free with your mobile plan, meaning that to many it is the only source of news out there.

By now, there were 3 attempts by the U.S. government to give internet to the corporations. Luckily, news and shows like John Oliver’s have been extremely vocal towards Net Neutrality . But if you ask me, it’s only a matter of time until they sneak some bill or act that will include these changes.

internet to the corporations

On the other hand, there is an unprecedented collection of people’s personal data happening on Google, Facebook, etc. No big deal? Perhaps. But are you telling me that if I found out your deepest fears and desires, I wouldn’t be able to persuade you to buy things you don’t actually need?


I’m not advocating one way or another. Governments across the world are already concerned and keep proposing different ways of regulation.

I could easily support either one of the sides, but both are too greedy for me to trust them. Both are fighting for power over ordinary people. And it’s us who gets to pay the price. Think about slots, sportsbetting, etc. You can go to a casino and play no questions asked, but online it’s prohibited. Or the fact that ISPs in U.S. will now be able to sell people’s personal data . Yes, tell me all how it’s not about corrupt politicians fighting for the interests of the corporations.


All I ask is for you to be more aware of what you do and share on the internet. I’m terrified because it seems that we are losing the internet as it was supposed to be used. And I’m not sure which side am I on. As I said in the beginning, even if you are the only person who from now on will be more careful, I’m happy.

internet access

For almost two decades now, access to the Internet at a speed that is at least decent, is a pressing need for companies, governmental entities, internationals organizations and even for the people themselves who have to use the Internet to develop many of their daily activities.

In other regions of the world, as in the case of Latin America, only 51% of the population is connected, since connection prices are only accessible to a small percentage of the population. For example, in Peru and Argentina prices are high, while in Brazil they are much more accessible, thanks to “Peering”.

offline world

In Haiti, because of its extreme poverty and the lack of public and private resources to invest in better access to the internet and in Bolivia, because of its poverty, access to the Internet is deficient. Cuba, by its dictatorial regime, Venezuela, by its dictatorship and Nicaragua, by the same reason, they have a very limited access.

In case you did not know, we told you that, sometimes, two companies can connect their networks without the need for any intermediary. It is what is called “voluntary interconnection” or “Peering”, which comes free to the companies involved. It turns out that the percentage of “Peering” in Europe is relatively high (60%), as in the United States and Canada.

What happens to South America, Oceania, Asia and Africa?

South America and Oceania are the regions of the world, where Internet connection is more expensive. Therefore, access is limited especially in South America. In Australia and New Zealand, prices are 17 times higher than in Europe and the United States. However, in view of the high per capita income of these two countries, access is good, except for the less privileged social classes.

With regard to Asia and Africa, we have that the prices are relatively moderate (neither very high nor very low). In Africa, in particular, Internet connection costs are 3.5 times more expensive than in the United States and Europe. If we add the extreme poverty of most countries, the result is obvious: the connectivity is reduced in most countries.


In Asia, traffic is seven times more expensive than in Europe, but many countries have very good per-capita income levels, allowing companies and citizens to access the internet with ease. However, the recurring socio-political and war conflicts in the Middle East has made the connection have many and varied problems. Countries like Irak, Siria, Afganistan y Pakistan have very limited acces.


There are a number of amazing resources to find out more about digital inclusion. If you’re offline, you’re passing up an abundance of benefits. In the place of letting diversity come in the means of education, the significance of diversity needs to be upheld. Digital inclusion is still an increasing area of work for Supporting Communities. The expression digital inclusion may be more useful, but it’s still ambiguous as it may privilege the digital” over other factors like education and appropriation.

Accessibility isn’t a feature, it is a social trend. SALT LAKE CITY inside this time, it’s nearly not possible to function without some kind of internet access. The Internet is valuable to everyone. More on who isn’t utilizing the world wide web and who doesn’t have home broadband support. For those who prefer immediate messaging solutions, the E7 features support of an assortment of hosts including Ovi Chat and Windows Messenger. Customer have a vast selection of alternatives to choose from Tata Sky packages. Typically, consumers send emails to the organization and there are normally respondents accessible to reply the emails.

Digital Inclusion and Digital things – The Perfect Combination

man and computer

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Digital Inclusion Ideas

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Based on which of both of these options you would rather go with, you will need to shell out something between US$50-$150. Hence, there are many options with users. Using profiling with regard to the drug trade in the U.S. wasn’t always racially coded. Everybody is unique, most of us have various wants and utilize technology in ways that suit our requirements. Individuals generally delight in an excellent laugh. Generating a significant number of back-links to your main website is among the foremost goals for any prosperous search engine optimization strategy.

internet things

Life After Internet of Things

As it’ll be shared you ought to find the fastest connection available and make sure that it has an unlimited download allowance. Because there will be lots of individuals using it at an identical time you’re going to need the very best and fastest internet connection you are able to get. The very first step you will need is an online connection, you have to make sure it’s one which allows resale so that you will probably need a business online connection.


Consider the net of Things, in which devices interconnect with one another through the net. The world wide web offers you a very good platform to learn a new language. The fantastic thing about the net is that doing marketing and receiving surveys to clients and possible clients is far simpler than doing it without the net. It is a good source to find how the world works. In addition, since it offers global interaction, the positive effects of diversity can also be experienced. The Internet of Things has turned into a buzzword in the last few years. It is definitely going to the next big thing.

1 such case in point is the construction sector. Using wireless power will additionally change the additionally alter the way we construct houses. Whenever you’re making use of the IoT platform, you’ll have many more probability of getting new small business opportunities.

For a prosperous internet marketing campaign, email advertising is a fundamental tactic. With the IoT, you’re going to be in a position to ensure your business will raise and become the 1 business that is growing without any trouble. For a business to produce the leap into a more data-driven small business model, it would appear to be necessary that the whole intelligent infrastructure of information points would need to be in place prior to any kind of information visualization software could be put into place. By the end of the first trading day, it earned a 108% gain. In case you have an organization and you’re wondering if this is something which you should consider these benefits your company will have with the IoT, will produce the decision simpler. You don’t need to use an organization but should you just want something that you can plug into your router and begin making money with no technical knowledge then this is the best choice. Consequently, many companies actively depend upon the access to social networking networks being operable.

All About Internet of Things


If you’re a startup or little business proprietor, you can think about buying used switches also. While the apps are an excellent innovation, they’ve been executed poorly. Upon subscription, you’ll be able to receive updates in regards to the latest podcasts on such websites. Today many people would find it quite challenging to return to an age once the Internet wasn’t in existence. Furthermore, it comes with additional challenges regarding connectivity, concurrency, privacy and inadequate online infrastructure. You’ve hacked into everything on earth. It’s a secure and smart approach to earn the life of realtors easier.


The contemporary life of our civilization has been severely transformed by the profuse and intense presence of information and communication technology or, what is the same, by digital technology. With the emergence of the Internet, for about 10 years has begun to talk about a rather interesting concept: “digital inclusion” or “digital access.”

And it has begun to speak and to use the concept since not many people have benefited from this enormous transformation that has impacted humanity in a way that was previously unthought and unthinkable. Therefore, it has become necessary (if not “urgent”) to seek new strategies to integrate these excluded people into the spaces of information and technology.


Now, in view of everything we have been up to here, in countless political, academic, scientific, artistic and other scenarios, all of them with global coverage, has been tending because internet access is a right, rather than a mere privilege.

Thus, for example, the United Nations, the European Union, the OEA, UNESCO, FAO and an almost uncountable number of organizations already speak of “technological inclusion” as a right, while condemning the fact that, in some regions and/or countries of the world, remains a privilege of few.

However, we must not lose sight of the fact that technology also implies some risks, such as the possible social fracture that may arise between those included and those excluded, which is why it is essential to assert the right to digital access.

The right to Digital Inclusion, its meaning, and impact

The specific goals and purposes of “Digital Inclusion” are to make the technology physically accessible to as many people as possible, bearing in mind that, if necessary, significant resources should be invested to that effect. In addition, there is the purpose, also, to make the technology as easy to use as possible.

In the same way, it has begun to speak on different and different fronts at the global level, on the “Right to reduce the Digital Divide” since a technological revolution, that is focused towards the information technologies, is drastically modifying the base material of the global society, at a dizzying pace.

Moreover, economies around the world have become interdependent or, if preferred, multi-dependent (from and to all directions), generating a new form of relationship between the State, the economy, and society. For this and many other reasons additional to those raised during this publication, “Digital Access” is already a right and not a mere privilege.


Whether an organisation will survive the onslaught is based on its capacity to spot and answer the challenges. Before you do anything, it’s wise to lay down a very good foundation for a sonically good room. Building your company through digital marketing is vital in the modern competitive and increasingly digital arena.

Because of this, you might need to consult a professional to ensure that your home security process is working well. Technology is essential to the digital company. The technology in your house should be simple and simple to use.

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What You Need to Know About Digital Innovations


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